Route 6

Forget Route 66, if you want a drive of epic proportions, varied and spectacular scenery with the odd surprise along the way then drive highway 6 down New Zealand's west coast then inland across Mt Aspiring national park to Wanaka.
We start out at Hokitika leaving the beach art behind us and head south.

Woven reeds form the fish scales, it's bones are driftwood.

Thousands of stone monuments along Bruce Bay, and of course we added ours!

We drive along ocean roads with endless beaches to our right and snow capped mountains to our left, single lane rickety bridges carry is over crystal clear mountain snow melt rushing down to the sea, the sun is out and somehow the blues are bluer, greens greener and the air sweeter.

We turn east, inland and start the climb into the mountains. Waterfalls cascade in to gorges cut deep from the power of the white water. As if the single views are not enough, mountain lakes mirror the scenery doubling the spectacle.

I have to use major will power not to stop at every photo op, if I did this 6 hour drive would take a week ( a good week, but we have an agenda of sorts).
We arrive at Wanaka as the evening draws in, the lake is still and the town is buzzing. It's grown in the 5 years since our last visit, still beautiful, still small enough to get to know and offers all year round outdoor adventure.

Lake Wanaka.

Location:Ardmore St,Wanaka,New Zealand

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