After four fab days on the north coast we are heading south to the big mountains. With 2 big drives to get there an overnight break on the west coast is a must. Most people go for Greymouth (which unfortunately lives up to it's name) or Franz Joseph for a glacier visit. We though have opted for a couple of nights in Hokitika and it is quite a find!
There's a driftwood scuplture competition on the beach.

My fave was the Flintstones bike but the winner was a minature sand dune sculpture...

Inland a few miles and Hokitika gorge is beautiful, the water is unaturally blue, luminous in fact and contrast with the White rocks.

Waterfalls on way back...

And a late picnic on a deserted beach. The west coast beaches go on for ever, the waves crash in, the sun shines and snow capped mountains line the horizon - amazing!

We finish the day with fish 'n' chips on Hokitika front watching the sun set turning the sky every shade of red, purple and orange.

Location:Bealey St,Hokitika,New Zealand

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