Life's a beach

I'm staring out across the pacific, at the horizon aquamarine turns sky blue. There's a loan kite surfer riding the breakers, he has the ocean to himself.

The golden sand stretches for miles either side of me, I can see one guy walking his dog and that's it. We're not miles from anywhere, we are just 10km east of Gisborne (Hawkes Bay, New Zealand).

Oh hang on, that bloke with the dog is wearing a bikini so either I need my eyes testing or he needs a new hobby...

Today is Kathy's birthday and with a touch of extravagance we eat out (a full cooked breaky) and tonight we will dine on a fish n chip supper with cheap fizzy plonk. Which considering that our meals of late have been fixed on a one ring camping stove is pure luxury.


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