Weather Chasing and other random stuff...

So we motored coast to coast leaving the big mountains behind and rocking up at Dunedin 'Top 10' for a night in a cabin. Umm'd and arr'd whether to stay a couple of nights or crack on. Weather forecast won out, we hit the road first thing and tracked the ocean all morning.

Huge spherical boulders litter the beach at Moeraki, it's out of the way but somehow managed to draw the coach parties who all dilligently queue up for photos. We though ignore that, climb up and strike various poses atop God's marbles.

Ever onward, we push on and have lunch in Omarau, again decide not to overnight and with one last big push make it to Akaroa, and pitch up the tent high up on a hill overlooking this little 'French' harbour town.

A French ship's captain 'bought' the penisula from the Maori then shipped a bunch of settlers over. The Brits soon sorted all that nonsense out but the town still has many 'Rues' and has a bouchier, boulangerie & flies the French flag!
A couple of nights here then we pushed on to Kiakora, sealife capital of NZ.

Kiakora up to Picton, four nights camping & sightseeing, up early for the ferry and that's that. South island 'done'!

Location:Picton, Marlborough, New Zealand

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