Oooh, aah! Sydney part three

Avatar 3D on the worlds largest IMAX screen. WOW!!
I want to go visit Pandora.

As the year draws to a close we set out to Sydney Harbour to board 'the pontoon' boat for cocktails, canap├ęs and cruising in the parade of lights. The weather has bucked the forecast, the skies have cleared and we have an orangy red sunset as the backdrop for the opera house.

The boat doesn't dissapoint, free flowing champers and tray after tray of fancy food (which continued for the 7 hours we were aboard). We set sail at 7.30pm and take our place out on the water - we are not early, there are actually 2 firework displays here. the first at 9pm for the families and the biggie at midnight.

On the hour, every hour leading up to the big event a bunch of rockets light up the harbour and crank up the excitement.

The 9pm fireworks are pretty impressive and set the scene for the big event. Between shows we sail up and down the harbour as part of the parade, each boat lit up with various designs. Dinner is served and more champers is drunk.

The main event is no dissapointment, it all kicks off at midnight and what a show! Explosions everywhere, rockets shoot from the top of skyscrapers, explosions light up the opera house and fire rains down from the bridge!

And it just keeps on coming, fifteen minutes of shock and awe ends with a finale which lights up the city and the harbour!

We and I think the other 1.5 million people craming boats, buildings and riverbanks bring in the New Year with a bang!

Happy New Year, one and all.

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  1. Excellent post with the photographs of opera house and the fireworks in sydney harbour bridge.

    Hope that you all enjoyed the NYE to the maximum.. Have a great year ahead!!!