What a difference a day makes, Sydney part two

Sun shining, boat rides in the sun, amazing views from the shoreline, walking around the botanical gardens, HUGE bats in the trees, sunset over the city and a burnt nose!

Whilst I'm on...

What's the deal with boats and waving? Why do people who take to the water feel the need to wave to everyone else in boats? Don't get me wrong it's a good thing, I can't help feeling though that the collective good will doesn't carry forward to the roads.

Ooh, but what if it did? Can you imagine the change in road rage to lane love. Go on, next time your on the road wave at the next driver and even shout 'yoohoo hallooo' as you wave.

Don't worry they will wave back, they won't give you a crazy person look...

Location:George St,Sydney,Australia

1 Response
  1. Kelv Says:

    You are turning into a hippy, next thing you will return with your hair braided and wearing sandles.....