The Great Ocean Road Swindle

The 'Great Ocean' Road, well yes there's a road and there's an Ocean & to be fair it's probably a great ocean, but an amazing drive with sweeping ocean vistas it is not. What is more, even the famous 12 Apostles are not all that - especially as at least one has succumbed to the ravages of the waves and toppled over!

Anyway, here's the obligatory photo from the viewing platform that the other hundreds of people were also at...

And just to prove we actually made it there...

In truth the road more often than not is a fair way from the shore and cuts it's way through beautiful rolling country side, snatches of primeval rainforest and eucalyptus trees.

We stopped among the eucalyptus for Koala spotting, which probably is a sorce of bemusement for Aussies who must see Koalas regularly.

Having not seen them in the wild on our last travels around Oz, we were chuffed to get ip close this time, though we have not ticked Roos of the 'seen em' list this trip.

Throughout our drive, we have a companion 'Harry' the Huntsman, at least we hope he is a huntsman as they aren't venomous.

Kathy did a double back flip with twist and expletives when she opened the hatchback to find Harry (about 3 inch across) waiting for his daytrip to the seaside!

We also had a mini hike on rainforest tracks, complete with giant ferns, parrots & waterfalls.

No, it's not a great ocean drive but there is loads to see and it's a million miles away from blighty.

Location:The Great Ocean Road, Victoria, South Australia

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