Sien Reap, Angkor Wat - practicalities

1. Beer(of the local variety) can be had from $0.50 a pop.
2. Food of all flavours is easy to find, good quality and cheap - similar but less spicy than Thai. Plenty of international choice should you need it.
3. Everything is one dollar, and I mean everything! 10 postcards, 4 bracelets, 2 beers, bottled water, tuk tuk to pub street $1 I go away (stop begging), $1, $1, $1...
4. You can get a 3 non consecutive day pass to the temples and it is the same price as the 3 consecutive day pass ($40).
5. You don't need a photograph for the pass, they take it and print the pass plus pic digitally (all included in price)
6. A tuk tuk will cost you $15 per day, standard price, so don't bother to barter.
7. A sunrise temple visit may sound serene and indeed that is what the other 2,000 people expected too!
8. The US dollar is the currency, it comes out of bank machines, everyone deals in dollars. The only time you will see Cambodian Riels is when a dollar needs splitting!
9. Walking or cycling - it's everyman for himself, just one big game of chicken!
10. There is more than just temples here (did I mention $0.50 beer).
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