Angkor Wat is just one of many!

Ruins and temples everywhere, if you are in to your archeology then a week would just scratch the surface. Three days is more than enough for us (lightweights), following in the footsteps if Indiana Jones & Lara Croft we explore ancient ruins over run with jungle creepers and trees who's roots intertwine with the Walls and buildings (Ta Prohm).

Bayan temple is famous for all the faces, though when we were there they were mainly Japanese and had cameras attached! And this is the trick to visiting, walk in the opposite direction to the tour groups, hunt out the quiter areas and if your luck is in hit the temples out of phase with the coach parties and you will have a very different experience!

We dropped lucky on some, Bauphon felt like we were there on our own and it was amazing, others were a bit of a battle.
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