One night in Bangkok and...

Landing in Bangkok for us is like slipping in to a comfy pair of slippers (just for the record I don't own, and will never own a pair of slippers. Especially the blue ones with the fur lining. No sir, not me).

Thailand sells itself as the land of smiles, this is not just tourist nonsense (although I could just be a tourist who has fallen for the nonsense!). The Thais are generally and genuinly friendly, polite, happy and welcoming, a pleasant change over the past few weeks.

So what does one do with just one night in Bangkok?

Well, we jumped on the skytrain to Sala Daeng, took a walk through Lumphini park and ended up at Suan Lum night market. A few plates of various rice, noodles and currys followed by a walk around the stalls and we are ready for home.

Until we see 'doctor fish' (this is a new one on us, so must be tried). Dr Fish is not an old friend we have bumped in to, in fact it is a fish tank full of tiny fish who love to nibble the dead skin of the feet of anyone paying up the £3/15mins to relax whilst dangling feet in a sunken fish tank (strange but nice, ok take my word for it).

For sure though I for one will not be having the whitebait from the restaurant next door!!

Oh yes and anyone who was thinking 'one night in Bangkok, ping pong with Ting Tong in Pat Pong - ding dong' well get out of the gutter!

Cambodia in the morning, ping pong is apparently half the price...
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