What a dumpling!

yangshoucookingschool.com was today's adventure.

With rabits, dogs, frogs & a managerie of other live animals you would be forgiven for thinking that we had arrived at the local pet shop but in fact this is the market and it's the first stop to pick up the ingrediants for the days cooking course. Thankfully dog was not on today's menu, in fact it is:

Egg Dumplings
Steamed Chicken with mushrooms
Egg plant (Yangshou style)
Stir fried pork in oyster source
Garlic green vegetables

In a farm house amidst the mountains we got stuck in to the lessons, eating each course alfresco with the other 7 students.
Egg dumplings with pork, mint and chilli filling was a revelation to our taste buds and will deffinately be number 41 on the menu at kathy's cafe on our return.

Later that night a few of our fellow culinary course mates met up at monkey janes for a beer or three and we eventually collapsed into bed at 2.30 am (not all of us together you understand). It was a great way to end our last day and night in china and are leaving with some amazing memories after what now appears to be a too brief visit.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    finally Dave will learn how to cook....

    a french guy.