Death Valley

 what time is the next bus?
Death Valley sucks us in and after a one night stand with El Diablo spits us out the other side. One night is enough here though as it turned out Death Valley was the liveliest place so far, or at least the bar was. As if the visitors & locals (what there are of them) are making up for the hot, dry solitary isolation.

Furness Creek has a motel, hotel, golf course and a gas station, nothing else. From here we zip up & down the obligatory tourist spots, marvel at the other worldly landscapes, get the photo ops, taste the salt (Badwater Basin is carpetted with crystaline Sodium Chloride) and get the Hell out of there. A day & a night is enough here - no more, no less.
Make it part of an east/west/east road trip. Rush hour at death valley
And so to the end of the natural wonders, tomorrow Vegas and Lady Luck, no relation to Mother Nature!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Just when we thought we were having a great holiday and plenty to tell and you blog this.
    Our little european venture pales into insignificance.
    Two old farts from Worthing