Bright Lights, Big City

We walk along the street, on our left the New York skyline, behind the great pyramid of Giza, ahead the Eiffel Tower. A double decker London bus passes, it's an open top so we get to see Elvis singing to the passengers. Yep, this can only be Las Vegas.

Our first night here we had pre booked the 'Cirque De Soleil', there are 4 different shows and we chose 'mystere' , all the ingredients of a traditional circus spectacularly brought into the 21st century. I wouldn't contemplate going to a 'normal' circus this thugh was incredible, so much so that we immediately booked for the KA show at the MGM, a very different yet equally unique and excellent. But for the fact that this is live action played out on the stage you would be looking for the special effects and camera trickery - go, you will not be dissapointed.

Whilst walking down the strip, fate has us bump into friends (newly made in Yosemite - hello Mary & Allan ) and so it being our first and their last night in Vegas it as only fitting to party till 4am, this though turned into the norm. We did get to bed at 1.30am to be ready for an early start the last day.

Whoopi begged for a photo with Kathy, which in the end Kathy agreed to just to stop her bothering us.

Whoopi denied marrying the french actor (and 'Bogus' co star) GĂ©rard Depardieu, though I think this is due to the unfortunate name she ended up with!

As bizzare places go, Vegas tops the bill, we partied, gambled (lost our and other peoples money), drank, ate, drank some more, ate some more, gambled and lost some more. We walked the faux streets of Rome & Venice, saw pirate ships on Treasure Island, turned down the offer of a thousand girls delivered to our hotel room and even ate an authentic Australian New York steak in the Downunder Bar. This place is so wrong it is right, entertaining, addicitve, gaudy, full on ^ brilliant. Growing all the time, there will allways be reason to come back, and we will.

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