50 thousand hairy bikers

Driving into Palm Springs from the north reveals what must be one of the biggest wind farms in the world, four thousand turbines of all shapes and sizes. Huge, they stand row upon row, mechanical regiments filling the valley and spreading up the foothills either side. One word from the general and California will be overrun.

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Somehow our visit has coincided with another invasion, fifty thousand Harley Davidsons are here for a rally and their riders are not the over fifties stock broker brigade who import Harleys to the UK (sorry S) they are the hairy arsed *conjecture Hells Angels wannabees and they are here to party. With these monsters thundering up and down the streets I have already given up hope of any sleep.

After the best night sleep I have ever had (go figure?) we start getting acquainted with Palm Springs...

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  1. nick_lee_5 Says:

    50,000 Harleys.... Ahhh... Heaven....!

    Nick Lee