WeyHey & HeyHey

WeyHey & HeyHey, actually Weihi & Hahei are our last two camping stops in NZ!

Thirtysomething days under canves, 14 campsites & well over 5000km north to south east to west have brought us here.
It has been fantastic, all but 3 or 4 days have been glorious weather.
So Weihi, top end of the Bay of Plenty - yet more beaches that go on for miles, Scenic reserves at every turn and a bay promised to be full of stingrays but actually full of starfish.
We have a couple of nights here, the first night the wind really tested the campers. Next doors tent bent double & ready to fly, all hands on deck to sort it. We gave up, the tent was no match for the gale, fortunately the chap had a second option - a small 2 man tent better able to stand the wind, especially with his wife and 2 kids crammed in, cozy.

Last morning at Weihi and an 8am 'Goodmorning Campers' over the tanoy, closely followed by a 'due to an earthquake in Chile, we are on Tsunami alert with the wave due to hit in 25 minutes'!
Not the sort of wake up call We really wanted, anyway a bunch of people headed for high ground and the rest of us headed to the beach with our cameras (I hasten to add that by this time the 'wave' was expected to be 'about a meter'). The east coast beaches were officially closed, unofficially the surfer dudes all headed out to play, in the end though it was much of a muchness, not even a photo op.

Hahei and the coves up from there are spectacular, cliffs, islands, sub tropical flora, white sands and blue sea. We loll around on the beach, swim, picnic and wander back and forth the 20 meters to the tent & cool box for cold drinks. It's a hard life.
Hot water beach is a few Ks down the road, geothermal steam escapes through the beach sand. At low tide people troop down with spades dig holes on the beach which then fill up with steaming hot water -instant free spa pool!

We head on down (sans shovel), loiter near some pink overcooked yanks and jump in their pool when they leave - easypeasy!
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