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Homeward Bound

140 days, 44 destinations & 15 flights. We've been on planes trains, trams, trucks and cars, yachts, ferries, catermarans, canoes, bikes, tuk tuks and even a louge! We've met new friends and old friends, seen sun, snow, lightning, rain and even sheltered from hurricanes and tsunamis.

It's been amazing.

What will life in Ampthill feel like?

home sweet home!

The Longest Day

After Spending Sunday by the pool, having lunch then dinner we head out to the airport for our late flight to LA.
We take off at 11.30pm, That's Sunday finished right? Wrong! We hit the 'International Date Line' just after take off and the clock goes back 20 hours and suddenly it's the early hours of Sunday morning with a full day ahead and somehow I've missed a nights sleep.It's not all bad though, we land at LAX just in time for another Sunday lunch (woo hoo) with plenty of time to indulge as we have a 10 hour stop-over (boo).

We then board our next flight (to Orlando) at 10.30 pm, it is a quick 4 hour hop BUT the clocks change again and we land at 6am. Somehow I've missed another nights sleep?

So according to my calender, We left Fiji late Sunday night and arrived Orlando early Monday morning. Overnight, We've had TWO sundays (and meals of course), Two flights and not slept for 50odd hours!

Our heads and screwed up.

The storm before the calm

The raging wind whipped up the rain and battered our bure, even the insects took refuge indoors! It was a pleasant shock to have a praying mantis fly in, land on my hand and turn it's eyes my way with a look that said 'let me have 5 minutes, I'm knackered flying about out there'.

Fortunately Tomas span away from the mainland and spared us it's wrath. In fact it raced away sucking the rain clouds along with it, leaving us with the calm AFTER the storm!

Quite surreal really, it's very hot, there's no breeze at all and Tomas feels like a fast fading dream.


A moment in time

I'm standing in knee deep water 20 meters out with coral gardens around me, 100 or so meters to my right waves crash on the barrier reef, the sky is blue the ocean turquoise. Facing forward 30+ mph winds buffet me, to my left those same winds have pushed angry clouds on to the lush green hills of Fiji. Black tipped reef shark circle me oblivious to the oncoming huricane.

This is why we travel, moments like this priceless yet free.
Who knows what tomorow will bring, live life now I say.