The Longest Day

After Spending Sunday by the pool, having lunch then dinner we head out to the airport for our late flight to LA.
We take off at 11.30pm, That's Sunday finished right? Wrong! We hit the 'International Date Line' just after take off and the clock goes back 20 hours and suddenly it's the early hours of Sunday morning with a full day ahead and somehow I've missed a nights sleep.It's not all bad though, we land at LAX just in time for another Sunday lunch (woo hoo) with plenty of time to indulge as we have a 10 hour stop-over (boo).

We then board our next flight (to Orlando) at 10.30 pm, it is a quick 4 hour hop BUT the clocks change again and we land at 6am. Somehow I've missed another nights sleep?

So according to my calender, We left Fiji late Sunday night and arrived Orlando early Monday morning. Overnight, We've had TWO sundays (and meals of course), Two flights and not slept for 50odd hours!

Our heads and screwed up.
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