Hunting For Hobbits

We have a NZ guide book and it points out the LOTR locations (if you don't get the 'LOTR' acronym don't come to NZ, it's a religion over here).

Anyway, we head for Rivendell, with a view to getting some pics of the Hobbits, Elves and other such Fairè folk. Now call me an old softy but it was a little upsetting to get here and find "Poison, don't interfere with the bait & don't handle the carcasses" signs everywhere! Those poor little Hobbits, they put this bloody place on the map, what sort of a way is that to treat 'em?

Poor Frodo, battles the Nazgul, defeats the dark lord Sauron, destroys The One Ring and then slain by a cheese sarny with a bit of rat poison in it! That's not going to make much of a plot for the fourth film is it!

Location:Rivendell, MiddleEarth AKA

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