Entertain yourself

There is a lot of space in New Zealand and it's packed full of scenery, but not much else. Its big and the major towns are hours and hours apart, so it should cme as no surprise that when it comes to entertaining yourself the Kiwis invented some wacky stuff.

''I'm bored, what shall we do?''
''I've got a long bit of rubber''
''er, OK''
''Why don't we tie one end to that bridge and the other to our ankles and then jump off'''
''beats lookng at all this scenery''

and so the bungy jump was born!

but, not all the wacky stuff was so full on...

"I have a sheep, let's paint it pink"

"I need a sign, let's paint one"
"wait, I have some corrugated steel, let's make the sign out of that"

"Hey, you got any more of that corrugated stuff"
"yeah, loads. Why?"
"I have a barn"...

"Hey, your not the only one with a barn"

"sweet as, bro!"
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