The Streets of Bangkok

Life is lived on the streets of Bangkok, it's not hidden away it is all there laid bare to be explored & experienced. Sexploitation is probably what now springs to mind but in truth life here revolves around food. You can not walk 5 paces without passing 2 or more food vendors of one description or another. The smells and the sounds of cooking are everywhere and if you don't like the idea of eating from a street stall, remember this is one place where you can see your food being cooked. We have a whole spit roast chicken from a stall parked outside KFC, it costs us £2 and we are asked "you want choppy chop" (halved and quatered with a cleaver). For desert is a bag of mini doughnuts from a few stalls up, a salad pick'n'mix and cold beers from the local supermarket and we are sorted for our last meal in Bangkok. All in for about a fiver!

Location:Charoen Nakhon Villa Soi 4,Khlong Ton Sai,Thailand

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