More Yosemite...

First morning in Yosemite and within an hour our first bear sighting.

Stella Jays hop from branch to branch following our walk, it is as though they want attention.

Everywhere we look, massive vertical monoliths rise above us. The scale is hard to imagine, this is Mt Watkins and is not one of the big ones!

It's pretty dry here at the moment (late September), so rivers and waterfalls are dry. A return visit in May is a must!

El Capitan, climbers come from all over the world to scale this face. between 4 and 7 days sleeping in portable ledges. All their food and water miust be caried with them!

To give you an idea of scale of these Sequoia Trees, there is an old photo of this tree with 20 plus soldiers and their horses along the top of it!

It's BIG.

Stand under these monsters and look up, makes you feel small!

Hetch Hetchy Damn, over the edge!

Man of action ;)

After a 1000ft climb we make it to the base of Vernal Falls, the steep route down was not an easy one.

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