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Dead people or at least their graves somehow make the must see list in all major cities. We start the day at "Tombeux Sadiens", at the north of the Kasbah, walled gardens, carved Arabesque arches and multicoloured tiled graves provide a cheap and peaceful way to kill (sorry!) an hour before the walk to "Palais Bahai". Here walled gardens, carved Arabesque arches and multicoloured tiled floors... OK so there is a theme here but it is worth it!

Cut through the Spice souk to get to Palais Bahia, the aroma and variety on offer are amazing. I'm not sure if the vendors seriously expect to sell me a demi-kilo of saffron but they get full marks for effort. Come early afternoon the temperature is pushing the low 40's, body and mind are somewhat heated so the Riad pool & a siesta beckons. This is July, it's hot and hence low season. Head here in April for an easier if more expensive visit.

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One of the 7 wonders of the modern age, outdoor air con, a fine waterery mist sprayed into the air. We're at Kosybar for a sundowner before dinner, in the end we spend the evening and have a fine meal here. People watching comes a close second to bird watching, huge nests balance on every minaret, every ancient wall. The resident stalks watch the sunset with us, then once dusk arrives they take to the air to join darting swallows in thier own people watching ritual.
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