Coming Ready or Not

We fly three and a half hours and travel a thousand years.

We have just landed in Marrakesh, capitol of Morocco.

There can be no where else so close to England yet so culturally different, so unusual and so Biblical! Outside the Medina walls there are western hotels, karaoke bars and even a pizza hut. If this is your thing stay in London.

Within the Medina, narrow lanes crowded with bikes, donkeys, handcarts & street hawkers portrait the real Maroc, Marrakesh comes alive. Every arch, every alley promises a secret told only to the intrepid, there is only one way to experience this and that is to throw yourself at it, Marrakesh after all will throw itself at you!

We head for a favorite bar, The KosyBar in Place Des Ferbianders and immediately are lost in the Kasbah streets. As is often the case here hopelessly lost and wandering the streets we stumble on our destination. A good directional sense is a must, better than any map! After a tasty lunch we head back to Riad Alma for a siesta, and catch up from the 2 am start.

A reservation on the roof terrace of Cafe Arabé delivers an excellent meal in a great modern Arabic ambiance, this is a definite recommend for anyone wanting to gently break themselves into a Marrakesh visit.

Our taxi driver, Milo takes it upon himself to teach us a little Arabic and the locals more so here than other destinations love it when you greet & thank them in their own tongue. A little French though will ease you through a visit here.
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