Jets, Seals and a Single Malt

Fighter jets scream overhead tearing up the sky, these are friendly skies though so we are safe to walk the golden sand. It's the last day of our week in Scotland so we intend to fill it with all things Scottish. We are on Findhorn beach, the highlands makeway to forest and the forest spills on to the beach. What a beach it is!

The tide is out and in the distance a dark mass promises a glimpse of something special. Intrepid, we set out to investigate with one eye on the horizon, one on the tide. As we approach, the mass becomes a hundred or so seals gathered in groups. Mothers, pups and bulls relax on the beach, watchfull eyes assess our approach for danger. For a while we keep our distance and experience the magic of nature at its very best, eventually curiosity gets the better of us, we get a little too close for their comfort and like a stack of dominoes they cascade into the water. A dozen heads bob in the water maintaining watch whilst others knife through the surf presumably in search of the next meal, with similar thoughts we head home.

seals on Findhorn beach
After lunch we head out for the obligatory distillery tour, I enjoy a malt (or two) so head for the Cardhu distillery, also the spiritual home (haha) of Johnnie Walker blends. The whole place, or at least the whisky making process is manned by just two people, there are more staff for the tours!Cardhu Grain Hopper

It's strange to think that the guys making this famous whisky will not be able to taste the fruits of their labour for at least 12 years! A tour is well worth doing, it's sort of a blokes thing, machines, vats, barrels and all but it does end with a tasting session and everyone (of age) can join in that.

The grain hopper at Cardhu is no longer used, however some of the malts blended into that 18 year old Johnnie Walker you are drinking were ground through it!

That's the end of a great week in Scotland, back to Inverness airport and home to the summer rain and floods!

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