Life’s a beach

Matamwe beach village is our finale and we big it up in the rather posh ‘asali’ suite, right on the beach and with it’s on chef, security guard and plunge pool in the centre of the living area this is a room and a half!

We can order anything we want for dinner, cooked & served in the suite – private dining gone mad, we opt for crab and avocado salad to start, followed by fillet steak with ice cream to finish (somehow we have managed not to have ice cream for the past 25 days). The crab turns out to be crab claws – HUGE crab claws, crab claws from a monster crab, the sort of crab that captain Nemo would run from, they taste good.

We make it out to Mnemba atoll for snorkelling, it’s a 40 minute dalla dalla (local bus contraption) to the boat and a 30 minute sail to the reef. The dalla dalla ride is horrific, 2 minutes of entertainment and 38 minutes of spine crunching, ar$e numbing pain – it had better be worth it.


I’ve dived and snorkeled the barrier reef, the red sea, marine reserves in St Lucia and a few other top sites but this beats the lot, the quantity and variety of fish are amazing, the colours of the coral vivid, and the water clarity is fantastic – if this is your thing consider Zanzibar for your next holiday.

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, the air quality is fantastic and the light pollution is zero, the night sky is breathtaking – you can see not just stars but the glow of gas clouds, it's spectacular.

The last evening in Africa was surreal to say the least, Matemwe Beach had a 'curry night' presumably feeding us the British national dish to ready us for home!

Needless to say the buffet was great and the traditional indian band entertaining even when (and here is the sureal bit) they sang 'My bonny lies over the ocean', which we surmised as an old Irish sea shanty had made it over to the indian ocean. then they sang The Beatles yellow submarine!!

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