dongwe beach

We arrived at Dongwe to the breezes zanzibar resort on the east coast and a few miles from any villages, the soft sandy beaches stretch forever and the ocean colours are amazing.

We sit out on the beach for a few mornings and watch the sunrise, local men are out spear fishing and the water is calm.

This is tourist africa, we have entertainment every night, acrobats, tribal dances, complete with feather dusters in their hair and even a saxophonist, not quite authentic but entertaining none the less even if its for all the wrong reasons.

The island of mnemba is on the horizon and it is one of the top diving sites in east africa if not the world, so after many years of snorkelling and scuba try outs I book into the dive school to get certified.

3 full days starting with a swimming pool session and then 4 open water dives on the reef with (intense) reading and homework to do in between, culminating in an exam on the 4th morning. The dives are fantastic, loads to see with some skills training and tests in the water. I score 98% on the exam and leave dongwe as a qualified padi open water diver. Although the downside is they don't let me keep the rubber outfit!

What dave keeps forgetting to mention in his blogs is that this trip has enabled him to find his feminine side. He has started turning into David Beckham pre 2000. Yes you've guessed it he's started wearing a sarong, be it in a masculine green colour. its quite amusing watching him sit down in it as all he keeps saying is how do woman manage to wear them. I think he would have something to say if I sat with my legs spread as wide as he does.

Anway I'm sure daddy cutts will have words on our return and the sarong will be banished to the bottom of the wardrobe and only brought out for special occassions.

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