ready, steady, go...

Well time to pack, and due to some of the safari flights being in 12 seater rust buckets and no tactical options to leave luggage anywhere we are limited to 15 kilos total each.

Somehow we've gotta squeeze all our clothes, cameras, tripods, medical packs, binoculars, sun tan cream (Kathy insists this can't be bought in Africa so were packing 2 gallons to take with us!) and tea bags into small bags weighing no more than 15kgs each!

I guess once I have all my tripods and lenses packed Kathy is going to have to unpack some of her shoe collection to make the weight limit - oh well :)

After a brief stop in Jo'berg we're heading for Victoria Falls - (Mosi-oa-Tunya, the smoke that thunders) - and having looked at to see thunder storms forecast it ain't just the falls making all the noise!

Our first port of call is The Tongabezi Lodge staying in 'the bird house' - this has walls to 2 sides only the rest being open to the elements, thunderstorms and no walls!

In fact it is open to the elements and the local wildlife - and no walls, mmm...

check out this nightime visitor!

if we make it through the first week I'll blog an update!

2 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    If anyone does actually read this (?), I dropped the Cutt's off at Heathrow (on time) after turning up to pick them up (on time) and throwing in a tour of the Buncefield disaster site. Have a good trip and Kathy, look out for the millions of spiders, snakes (not daves little trouser one) bugs, scorpians, insects, lions etc as your bound to get bit in those appalling conditions - hotel with walls, Dave should have worked harder before getting the push!
    Have a good one

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Kathy and Dave,
    Sounds as though your having a great time, Go for it and have a good un but your'e not coming to live with us if you get skint
    Love Mum and Dad