Bula, bula

Our first glimpse of a new country and one we have never been to before is from the plane, tropical beaches and lush hills await.

Bula (or welcome/hello) always accompanied by a smiling face. Welcome to the friendliest country, and welcome we are.
Tropical paradise but it's rainy season not that anyone has told the weather gods, the sky is blue and the sun is shining, the sunsets are amazing.

We are staying on a bure (booray) a thatched hut with shower and toilet, directly on the beach. After 7 weeks camping this is luxury and in truth regardless it's pretty amazing.

We have 5 days & nights here, the snorkelling is amazing, the coral not so good but the fish are many and varied, the water clarity excellent. Even the stingray we swam with was more exciting than scary!

Having said that, as I upload this we are cyclone warning from Cyclone Thomas which is heading in our direction...

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