Keep the red flag flying

Tianamen square, interesting for all the wrong reasons but interesting all the same. We even had to go through x-rays and metal detectors just to get near the place! Next door was the forbidden city, but true to it's name we could not get in so we are going to try again tomorrow.
So back to the hotel through a park where the crinklies were doing the old slow motion Kung Fu (I could take 'em- probably).
One jetlag siesta later and we're off to Olympic park to see the birds nest, watercube, velodrome et all which is pretty impressive once they all light up (which is at 6pm should you ever find yourself stood around at 5.45 freezing your nadgers off wondering if they light em up - the buildings not your nadgers!).

Back in to town on the tube, which at rush hour being the only westerners is quite an experience with displays of that new martial art 'ku'ing' at every stop and train change the most entertaining.
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