Yo, Semity

Words can not describe Yosemite, the hopeful amongst you will therefore expect that this blog will end now - bad luck!

It’s incredible, truly breathtaking. Beyond imagination (Yosemite, not this blog). Solid slabs of rock rise vertically 4000ft from forested valley floors cut with rivers and strewn with boulders, grown up boulders the size of houses.The Merced river running through the park Our first morning in the park and we see deer, bear, coyote, chipmunk, squirrels, birds galore even a snake. Mother nature is putting on a show and she is on track for a best director, best film, and every other Oscar going. I can’t fit this spectacle in my head let alone in my camera lens, Ansel Adams worked magic to translate this beauty, this atmosphere to film. I really need to think about the photography, how to fit a vertical mile of rock into a 4 x 6 photo?

We hike 8 miles around mirror lake, the dry summer has left it waterless so it’s famous reflections will have to wait for a future visit, as we put distance between us and the hordes the quite of the backcountry wilderness takes over. Stella Jays, electric blue feathers lit by the mid day sun hop from branch to branch following our progress and deer cross our path, all this adds to the film set experience.

Taff Point, My Ansel Adams momentWe eventually make it back to the visitors centre and grab sandwiches for a late lunch picnic & after a short drive we find a secluded spot on the Merced River bank, after lunch and a short walk along the bank reveals fresh bear tracks just 50 meters from our picnic table, time to make a hasty retreat!

climbers dwarfed by the largets sigle granite monolith in the worldDriving out, we stop to watch the rock climbers, these spidermen spend 7 days on ‘el capitan’ vertical and more for all its 4000ft they haul tents, food and water every inch of the climb. Nights are spent stitched to the wall, days scaling the cracks and fissures whilst friends and family watch on through telescopes from the valley floor.

Our first full day over and we can't wait to get back into the park tomorrow.
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