we've been sleeping in Dudley Moore's bed, it's OK because he is dead, mmm that came out wrong. He or at least his body is not in the bed with us, we are renting an apartment from his ex wife and along with the bed there are various other Dudley mementos here. This though is about the most normal thing about Hollywood.

On our first morning we went for pre (T bone steak and eggs) breakfast walk up Sunset Boulevard and down Hollywood Boulevard and were followed by spiderman, walked by superman and stepped around Death (scythe and all). The apartment is midway along Sunset Boulevard, if we drive west on the Boulevard for 12 miles we go through Beverly Hills and end up on Santa Monica beach (which we did), if we drive east we end up in down town LA and end up mugged, shot or mugged and shot. Apparently, DO NOT go here after dark and DO NOT wear red, blue or a bandanna as this signifies which gang you belong to (The Donny Massive, in case you were wondering).

Friday afternoon and Santa Monica beach is pretty amazing, the Yanks really know how to cater for leisure. There are gardens, walkways, shower blocks, parks, chess tables, exercise machines and even a tarmac 'road' running don the centre of the beach for cycling and rollerblading. That's me on the left flying the kite with the Baywatch lifeguard building and yellow 4x4s in front. Muscle beach is to my right, I decline taking my shirt off for fear of upsetting The Hoff and the muscle men;)

Saturday mid morning and the overnight storms have cleared up, we have a drive up Rodeo Drive, I buy some shoes at Macys then we park up at the again and head for a spot of lunch. As with all things food over here the sandwiches are massive, they come with a plateful of chips and end up being all we eat all day. The menu was a challenge, the choice and bizzare combinations leaves you with a migrane, in the end we settle on a simple beef sandwich.

we could have gone for any number of odd combos, how about a Peanut Butter, Jam, Marshmallow and Banana sandwich, rolled in Frosted Flakes for good measure? No Kidding, I just had to snap the menu with the cameraphone...

Next stop Yosemite...
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