You take the high road and I'll take the low road...

From Durness, we head south. It's a long journey to our next stop Plockton but first a walk on the beach. Rocky coves, perfect sand and mountains for a backdrop, even the water is a crystal clear turquoise, these beaches rival any in the world! It's a shame summer is just a few short weeks.
On our long road south we pass through Ullapool, along the beautiful Loch Broom and on a whim follow signs for a waterfall.
There are a dozen of us on this narrow suspension bridge and it's swinging & swaying just a little too much for comfort. The water pounds the rock 190 feet below us carving this chasm ever deeper and the roar of the water echoing around the Corrieshalloch Gorge adds to the drama. The chasm is so narrow and the trees so thick that the bridge, or more to the point the drop takes you by surprise, you're on it before you realise.This was the point Kathy's vertigo kicked in, it was also the point at which she broke into a panicked run and in a strange run of coincidences it was also the point the bridge started to swing! Kathy makes it to safety while we all hang on and exchange nervous glances.

After a short walk in the forest we head back to the car, Kathy has to face the bridge again this time at a fast walk!

We continue south through more mountains, lochs, glens and rivers. Each valley has its own weather, atmospheric skies one sunshine the next!

Another hour or so in the car amidst amazing scenery and we make it into Plockton for 3 nights on the west coast.

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