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Well we have had a busy three days doing everything and nothing! Luxor is like that - it is hot, brutally hot in the mid day sun 40 to 45 degrees! So to go see the sights you have to get up early and beat the sun and the crowds, then you are back at the hotel for mid morning and you do nothing all day (apart from the pool, the bar, the pool and back to the bar again - our hotel had a pool bar which made it even easier to do nothing).

So what have we done? Well the first job was to book everything via Jolleys - use them for the best price [1/2 the tour company's] for equal if not better quality, they are in a little glass fronted shop 100 metres or so from The Winter Palace and have been on the go since 1922!


Habu Temple, Luxor west bank

The west bank, home to the valley of the kings and 'tut ankh amon's tomb, which this time we give a miss. Instead we have hired a driver, air conditioned minibus and Egyptologist (£35 for both of us, for a 6 hour private tour - go figure!) and have a tour out to see Habu temple (amazing carvings still with all their coloured paints).

Next the valley of the artisans (amazing tombs) - these guys painted the tombs for the Pharaohs so had to be good, they did their own places even better. Queen Hetshepsut's templea carved cartoush at the Ramasseum - she was the only female Pharaoh and was probably the first to burn her bra (along with anyone challenging her rule), we also revisited the Ramesseum - not in the best condition but hey it's 3000 years old! and there is carved graffiti dating back to 1820!

painted vulcher carving at temple of Hatshepsut
Luxor temple at dusk, this place is breath taking, the lighting is great so I took along the tripod for some serious photographs. Try and get there first thing or last thing in the day to avoid the crowds and the heat - in fact do both as it is two very different experiences. Walking around here you start to feel what it could have been like 3400 years ago.

Luxor Temple after dark
Friday (morning 5am)... the ground crew inflate the baloon

Hot air ballooning over the west bank. We've always wanted to do this and for 35 quid a person now was the time, floating serenely over the Nile, the western desert and the monuments was pretty special, we had a gentle landing in a corn field (which the farmers think is great as they get paid well for the crop damage), we even made it back to the hotel for breakfast at 9am.

One of the bingo brigade was on the bus taking us to the take off point and the street sellers were in full form. He was selling hard and she did not know how to say no, in the end she bought a sarong/wrap just to get rid of him, once we were moving she looked at it and said "I have no idea what it is, what is it? what am I supposed to do with it? I think I would have preferred it in blue" a fool and her money...

and I was offered a blank cheque for Kathy!!!

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  1. Autumn Says:

    Your life sound SO fun! It's my absolute dream to so what your doing!
    Much luck to you in all your adventures!


  2. Unknown Says:

    Such incredible photos ... I am sooo envious!

  3. Unknown Says:

    Hey Dragon Lady, thanks for dropping by. If you like the photos check out the full set here