home again

We're home again and the cool May air is very welcome, Egypt is blisteringly hot at this time of year, but it is the only way to beat the crowds and get the best bargains. This was our fourth trip and the history is as awe inspiring as ever, 15 years on we are also seasoned travelers and far more able to appreciate the differing cultures (and handle the inevitable culture shocks).

We can count on one hand the places we have visited three or more times, Luxor still feels like it is the first visit, there is always something new to learn, to see and to experience. Undoubtedly there are new treasures still to be found - Pharaoh Kheops whose tomb is the great pyramid ruled for more than 25 years, just one small statue has been found. It is strongly believed there is a cache of 'treasure' yet to be found.

Maybe I will go back with my shovel!!

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  1. Ms. R Says:

    That's exciting stuff. I'd love to bring a shovel and dig for treasure! Thanks for you comments in my blog. I wish I would have started this assignment a bit earlier, since the students are running out of time pretty quickly, but it's been fun. I'm glad Autumn found you and shared your link. The pics are fabulous!