Safari's End...

Our last night in camp was again eventful. Firstly I (KC) woke up convinced there was a warthog on the tents veranda area and so woke Dave up, who on further inspection pointed out it was in fact an impala, 20 feet away. A few hours later we both woke up to loud growls outside the tent and visions of angry lions on the prowl flashed through our minds. False alarm as it was just a very angry hippo having a bit of a moan & shout.

The next morning a quick breakfast, off to catch our twelve-seat plane to Zanzibar. On the way, we had to make a stop at another camp to pick some more guests up and supposedly drop one guest off. Unfortunately when we landed it appears the guest had other ideas and had actually gotten off already at the wrong camp (unbeknown to the pilot). Next stop Dar Es Salaam to change planes for Zanzibar. Thankfully the plane was waiting for us so off one twelve seater onto another. On board there was only 2 seats left so I grabbed the window seat and buckled up, turned around only to see the door had been closed and no Dave. In a very nervous voice I called out his name only for him to shout back “hello”.
Yes you’ve guessed it, he was only bloody sat next to the pilot in the cockpit with a grin spread from ear to ear, oh well at least that meant I got a bit of peace for the next 20 minutes. And we did not crash!
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